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The concept of “Vinum Optimun Rare Signatum”, known as Very Old Rare Sherry in English, responds to the need to 'light' wines that rarely appear on the market as they remain in cellars for many years.

They are true oenological jewels that are carefully analyzed and controlled by a committee of experts before obtaining the respected V.O.R.S. mark.

As owners of one of the oldest established wineries within the V.O.R.S. framework, the Barbadillo family is proud to offer a selection of its best wines from its oldest criaderas.

NV VORS Palo Cortado

98 Points

NV VORS Amontillado

94 Points

NV VORS Oloroso Seco

94 Points

NV VORS Oloroso Dulce

93 Points

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