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New Age Imports was founded with the sole purpose of bringing the most innovative wine producers from the Iberian Peninsula to the American market. New Age's portfolio is comprised of several of Spain's most inspired wineries including Bodegas Barbadillo from Jerez-Xerez-Manzanilla and Finca Egomei from Rioja. New Age prides itself on its vibrant and ever-expanding portfolio and above all else, is committed to quality, integrity and service.

Founded in 2003 by Julio C. Baguer, New Age Imports now commands a pivotal role in the wine industry. Mr. Baguer has dedicated his career to the promotion of Spanish wines over the last 25 years. As Director of Wines from Spain ('95-'02), he orchestrated the current Spanish wine boom. Prior to WfS, Mr. Baguer held the position of Marketing Director at Schieffelin & Somerset (LVMH-DIAGEO), as well as high-level positions at Bacardi-Martini and the Coca Cola Company.

The New Age management team is composed of visionary, industry veterans who share the goals of their customers. New Age's expansive distributor network includes some of the preeminent companies in the industry. The evolving portfolio of leading wineries stand committed to the American market.

Thank you for taking the time to explore the vision of New Age Imports.

Welcome to New Age Imports

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